IBI has a specialised Investigation Division, which is well managed with vast experience with real personal responsibility in seeing to the specific requirements of all its clients. The expertise and experience of various specialists are used to conduct a variety of sophisticated and specialised investigations locally, nationally and internationally.

General Investigations

  • Stock loss
  • All theft related investigations
  • Investigations related to companies and corporations
  • Tracing of vehicles

Comprehensive Background Investigations

  • Vehicle inquiries
  • Registrar inquiries (companies and individuals)
  • Deeds inquiries (companies and individuals)
  • Telephone inquiries

Background Screening Services

  • Criminal checks
  • Bureau checks
  • Identification checks
  • Business information
  • Driver’s license checks
  • Assessments
  • Employment references
  • FAIS regulatory checks
  • Academic Qualifications in South Africa and Internationally
  • CCMA Checks
  • Death certificate verification
  • Sequestration order verification
  • Directorship register
  • Deed search
  • Residence and Work Permit verifications
  • SA Fraud Prevention Services records
  • PSIRA registration verification
  • Retail employment history
  • Previous vehicle accident history

Risk Surveys and Crime Analysis

  • Security risk surveys
  • Crime prevention measures and recommendations
  • Crime threat assessments

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (De-Bugging)

  • Offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Vehicles
  • Telephones

Undercover Operatives

  • The objective for the assignment of an undercover operative is to gather information within targeted areas of an organisation, which is then followed up by undercover investigators.
  • Infiltrations of an undercover operative not only keeps the employer informed of irregularities within the organisation, but provides invaluable information about the attitudes of staff.
  • Weekly reports are submitted reflecting the progress of the undercover operation. The reports will include advice, recommendations and observations for further action.